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    Automatically removing and adding Reference for external tlb


       Hi all,


      in this days I seached a lot for a solution adding an external reference to processbook using a vba code.


      This was necessary, because one of our PDIs needs the reference to an external tlb and the installation path was diffrent under windows xp and windows 7.


      So we have to remove an existing reference and to add a new refernce.


      I think our solution could also be interessting for you. So I push my lessons learnd here in vcampus.


      The sample shows how to add an reference to a afwrapper.tlb which is registered beside the processbook display.







      Private Sub Display_Open()
      ' Automatically adding Reference needs Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Extensebility    
      Dim x As VBIDE.VBE
          Set x = Application.VBE
          Dim Pfad As String
          Pfad = Mid(ThisDisplay.Path, 1, InStrRev(ThisDisplay.Path, "\")) & "AFWrapper.tlb"
          Dim str As String
          Dim a As Reference
          For Each a In x.ActiveVBProject.References
              If a.Name = "AFWrapper" Then
              x.ActiveVBProject.References.Remove a
              End If
          Next a
              x.ActiveVBProject.References.AddFromFile Pfad
      End Sub









      Hope you can use my solution






      Chris Benitz