Tag Attributes for a Manual Tag

Discussion created by andrew_Inwood on Oct 28, 2013
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We have a PI tag that we use for setting targets.  Eg. if we want to flow to a certain number, we write the new target to this tag, then trend progress against it. This works fine, except we then aggregate several targets together in a sum.  The problem we have is that if one of the targets isn't changed, then we get "timeout" or "shutdown" and the aggregated total fails.


Note that the data load is not high.  We have 4 of these tags, and generally we write 1 - 2 values per day, so I don't see any performance problems in turning off compression etc.  The problems we get are caused because we don't change the tags often enough!


As I see it, if I change the "Shutdown" attribute of the tag to 0, then it should not ever write a Shutdown event - in which case, does it still retain the previous value all the time? 


On the assumption that the above is correct, I think that in addition to this, I also need to change the Compression and Exception reporting settings.  Can someone give me advice as to which ones to change?  I assume I want to turn-off Exception reporting (ExcMax=0 and ExcMin=0).  Do I need to change compression settings as well?