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    AF2 Dataset






      The method Display_DataUpdate() calls every 5 seconds and by default the AF Dataset the RefreshInterval is 10 second how i change this time via VBA code...





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          Marcos Vainer Loeff

          Hello Vitor,


          The only way that I know to change the rate of the data refresh is editing the timer parameter from the file procbook.ini located on PIPC\DAT. The default value from this parameter is 5000 (5 seconds).


          However, you can write a function that calls the Display_DataUpdate() using the rate you want to Please refer to the code snippet below:



          Public Sub timerSub()
                Dim curtime As Double
                curtime = timer
                Do While True
                      If curtime < (timer - 10) Then
                            Debug.Print "timer was triggered"
                            curtime = timer
                      End If
          End Sub



          Hope this helps!