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    PISDK Search dialog


      I am trying to show the standard PISearch window via ASP.NET by using the following Code


      PointList = Dialog.Show(serverlist, PISDKDlg.TagSearchOptions.tsoptDisableServerPickList)


      This work fine when i am testing the site from my work station but fails when published on a IIS Server. Some times it even stops the "Application Pool" V4.0


      Any body has such previous issues and can they share how it was resolved


      appreciate and thanks in advance





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          Marcos Vainer Loeff

          Hello Prabhakar,


          You shouldn’t use the PISDKDlg library with ASP.NET as this would only work if the server that hosts the website and the web client are on the same machine. The other clients won’t be able to use this feature as the communication between the client and server are only restricted to objects of the web.


          Therefore, your solutions should use ASP.NET objects with non-graphical PI SDK objects in order to make it work on all client machines. You can use the method GetPoints from PI SDK for instance.


          A better approach would be to use .NET 4 and PI AF SDK 2012 with Rich Data Access that is able to connect directly to a PI Server. In this library, you have a method called FindPoints to search for PI Points. The advance of using PI AF SDK is that it is multi-threaded and not single-threaded as the PI SDK. In theory, running multiple threads using PI SDK is possible but you need really advance techniches to do so. This is one of the reasons why you would have a better performance, especially on a ASP.NET page which is accessed by a large number of users.


          Hope this helps!