AFObject storing custom data?

Discussion created by bevanweiss on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by cmanhard

Hey all,


We have a SCADA system which employs a very hierarchical nature (ClearSCADA), along with some powerful templating.  Which we have utilized extensively.


I'm trying to create a tool which will help us to keep the ClearSCADA hierarchy and the AF hierarchy synchronised, but also allow for 'extension' of the AF hierarchy to support future functionality (like some analyses, or flow relationships etc etc).


Within ClearSCADA there is a unique object ID which I would like to attach to each AFObject created (really just the subset of AFElement, AFAttribute, AFElementTemplate, AFAttributeTemplate).


The AFElement and AFElementTemplate have the ExtendedProperties, which seemed almost ideal... but these don't exist on AFAttribute or AFAttributeTemplate, and doesn't appear to be 'searchable' (so I couldn't use a AFElement.FindElements(...) to obtain a particular AFElement for a given ClearSCADA object ID).


Does anyone have any ideas on this?