UOM Database per AF Database not AF Server

Discussion created by rhyskirk-old on Nov 1, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by Roger Palmen

No doubt that concept came up during the AF design days, what was the rationale for a AF Server wide UOM Database as opposed to a per AF Database UOM Database?


I'm sure others are entering multi-tenant AFServers so changes to the UOM Database for the purpose of one AF Database impacts everything hosted therein. Okay, in some respects in enforces consistency agree with that.


What I would like to see are UOM System Sets in AF Server and being able to apply 1 or more of those sets to an AF Database. With a UOM System Set being one level up from the UOM Database itself, providing a logical groups of UOMs, e.g. Metric. A UOM System Set can then be assigned to an AF Database. Cross AF Database references using different UOM System Sets would need to be addressed as part of that.