EventFrames Sort by UniqueID

Discussion created by AlexCote Champion on Nov 1, 2013
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Hello vCampus, 


I'm looking for a way to sort a list of Event Frames by unique ID. I have an app that can generate many EF per second (using a custom Event Frame Delivery Channel for PI Notification) and I use the trigger time as EF StartTime which does not include milliseconds. My objective is to preserve EF sequencing based on the UniqueID.


To my best knowledge,


  - When using FindEventFramesByAttribute the resulting list is either sorted by StartTime or EndTime depending on method searchmode parameters


  - When using the Sort method, the default implementation will sort the EFs by name.

AFNamedCollectionList<AFEventFrame> EventFrames = AFEventFrame.FindEventFramesByAttribute

 Is there a way to use the Sort overload (and How?): Sort(IComparer<EventFrame>)


Any other idea?


N.B: This piece of code will be executed frequently... If I have to implement my own sorting algorithm, I feel it's going to explode processing time?








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