using a Custom DR as an input to a Formula attribute

Discussion created by PeterJ on Nov 1, 2013
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I want to use a formula attribute to get time-series data  - Simple arithmetic on values


This works fine with PIpoint attribute inputs  - I can bring up the  “timeseries data” dialog  in system explorer and get the archive/interpolated  values of “sinusoid+cdt158” or whatever.


However if I use an attribute with a custom DR as an input it only returns a single “current” value. 


In the “time series data” dialog in system explorer it says “input attribute X.... does not support time context”  - it does support time context!


To rules our programming errors on my part, I verified this using  the OSI example “rollup” DR as an input to a formula attribute – which does exactly the same.


Why does the fromula DR insist that these Custom  DR do not support time context ? In both cases The "SupportedContexts" property is returning "“AFDataReferenceContext.All”


Is there some other checking going on?  (AF 2.5 BTW)