Returning millisecond time in PIPoint.Data.RecordedValues

Discussion created by muellerrj on Nov 2, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by Gregor

When using PIPoint.Data.RecordedValues() the TimeStamp.LocalDate is setting the millisecond component to 0, when looking at the data in process book the millisecond portion of the timestamp is correct and has a value. The more significant value of the timestamp is correct.


does a format string or some other option need to be provided to the SDK to return millisecond values?





            pivalues = myPoint.Data.RecordedValues("*", "*-5Y", PISDK.BoundaryTypeConstants.btInside, filter, PISDK.FilteredViewConstants.fvRemoveFiltered);
            foreach (PIValue p in pivalues)
                Event tempEvent;
                tempEvent.EventTime = p.TimeStamp.LocalDate;
                tempEvent.State = p.Value.ToString();