Using AF SDK for deleting values in HA

Discussion created by aldorexbraam on Nov 5, 2013
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With (self) interest I was  reading some old posts on deleting archive values with PI HA and ways to go around this.




In principle there seem to be 3 different approaches ( client side 'fanning', manipulating PI Buffer Server, and using PIar from the command line....perhaps i forgot one) none of this is pretty nor bullet proof....


The silver bullet for this seems to be what is called Server Side Buffering (I think Rhys coined this term) , or at least some collective 'agnostic' API/SDK


Since I do all my interfacing to PI via the AF SDK, one other route I was thinking of was using AF 2.X as the 'collective' agnostic way to interface with PI, kind of make sense given the way OSI is positioning the AF SDK.....


So my question to the community is whether there are any known plans in this direction ?