Acces to AF database on matlab

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Hi everybody,


We want to develop a program on matlab that would get the PI AF data.


Firstly we created an instance of the AF SDK and import the relevant namespaces:

afSDK = NET.addAssembly('OSIsoft.AFSDK');
import OSIsoft.AF.*
import OSIsoft.AF.Asset.*



After that, we connected to our AF server and database:

piSystems = OSIsoft.AF.PISystems;
PIsystem = piSystems.Item('SERVEUR-PI');
AFdatabase = PIsystem.Databases.Item('TechnoCentre');



But now we are connected, we would like to get the status of our sensors (for exemple, on excel our tag/data item is \\SERVEUR-PI\TechnoCentre\SNEEC\MMV2\WMET\H103M\WS(8)|Status)


We tryed to get values:



powerTransmitters = AFElement.FindElements(AFdatabase, [], 'WS(8)', AFSearchField.Name, true, AFSortField.Name, AFSortOrder.Ascending,intmax('int32'));
attrib = powerTransmitters.Item(0).Attributes;
PV = attrib.Item('Status');
myTime = OSIsoft.AF.Time.AFTime.Now;
myValues = PV.Data.RecordedValue(myTime, Data.AFRetrievalMode.AtOrBefore, PV.DefaultUOM);


 But matlab returns  :



ans = 

Table 'MMV2' was not available for attribute 'SNEEC\MMV2\WMET\H103M\WS(8)|Status'.







On excel if I make a current value or a Archive Value it  works, excel return "GOOD", but if I make a TIME DATA, excel send the message: Table 'MMV2' was not available for attribute 'SNEEC\MMV2\WMET\H103M\WS(8)|Status'.


So I think my problem is that in matlab I try to get my values with a TIME DATA instead of make it with a Archive Value but I don't know how to do it?






Thanks in advance.