Gathering of useful PowerShell snippets

Discussion created by Gregor on Nov 8, 2013
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Dear vCampus community,


I was thinking about gathering useful PowerShell snippets similar to Gathering of interesting links at the Generic vCampus Discussions forum. The idea is creating a kind of library over time that can be used to lookup how certain things can be done, is a source for new ideas, raises the interest in performing certain task with Windows PowerShell and also helps resolving certain issues that may occur e.g. in case evaluated permissions are required. This said, I believe we would require separate threads for each certain "How to". I had a discussion with Mathieu Hamel and we believe a new Community Project would fit best.


On the content side I can think of Operating System related tasks, maintaining HyperV machines, PI System administration tasks, links to useful resources and other things that you could think of PowerShell would be a good fit to. Based on my own experience with Windows PowerShell there are a few hurdles that can indeed be a bit frustrating but the more I become used to using PowerShell the more I see its beauty. PowerShell is for sure not the right answer to everything and thus I expect there's a requirement for discussions about where it fits and what alternatives exist. I can also imagine there exist security related concerns e.g. when allowing Remote Management through PowerShell. So we may want to talk about what the risks are and what can be considered good practice.


A community project lives from the activity of the community members. Hence please let us know if you are interested in such a Community Project, if you have experience using Windows PowerShell, if you possibly have already snippets that you would like to share. Please share your thoughts.