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    AFSDK: PIPoint.Summaries returns error -11111


      Hi all,


      when using PIPoint.Summaries in the AF SDK I get the error [-11111] Error with summary calculation time array. In more detail, my call looks like this:


      piPoint.Summaries(intervalDefinitions, OSIsoft.AF.Data.AFSummaryTypes.Count, OSIsoft.AF.Data.AFCalculationBasis.EventWeighted, OSIsoft.AF.Data.AFTimestampCalculation.Auto)


      where intervalDefinitions contains just 1 entry that has just 1 interval.


      First, I assumed that intervalDefinitions[0].Range is not defined correctly, i.e. StartTime > EndTime but this is not the case. However, the difference between StartTime and EndTime is very small (0.0000128s). Is this not resolved by PI?


      Further debugging info:


      intervalDefinitions[0].Range.StartTime = 11.05.2013 20:01:16.0600000


      intervalDefinitions[0].Range.Endtime   = 11.05.2013 20:01:16.0600128