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Here is my scenario. I am trying to find the best and easiest solution. Currently we do not have any ACE calculations in our environment.


tagA - Digital ON/OFF


tagB - Process flow


so my current PE is: IF STATENO(tagA) = 1 THEN NOOUTPUT() ELSE TAGVAL(tagB)


I am basically trying to filter out a zero/span operation of an instrument. I have noticed that even though tagA = 0 that tagB still hasn't 'levelled' off to its normal operating range. Lets says it takes ~30 mins for the zero/span operation to complete and see tagB return to normal, but tagA only shows it is running the zero/span function for 20 minutes. What I would like to do is once tagA = 1 then do NoOutput() for 30 minutes. Is that possible with PE or am I getting into the ACE world with that?


If it is possible, what kind of code am I looking at for a PE?