Get root elements in a AF database via PI Web Services

Discussion created by botne on Nov 20, 2013
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I would like to fetch the AF tree via webservices.


Using this code I get all the elements of the tree, and when adding


searchmanner.ChildElementDepth = 10; i get all the elements with all the children embedded.



            PISoapServiceClient afClient = AFClient;
            ElementSearchConstraints constraints = new ElementSearchConstraints();
            ElementSearchManner searchManner = new ElementSearchManner();
            //searchManner.ChildElementDepth = 10;
            searchManner.IncludeTemplateName = true;
            constraints.RootPath = selectedSystem.AFRoot;
            Task<Element[]> getTreeTask = afClient.FindElementsAsync(constraints, searchManner);



Is there a way I can get only the first Level of elements after database root, but with all the children embedded?


I've looked into GetElementsByPaths but this needs a spesific element to work.