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Not sure where to put this, but I need to create reports with the data that is being collected via PI Manual Logger and Excel/DataLink is not cutting it.  It's with much frustration that integration with PI ML just isn't there yet; I know there is an enhancement request for better reporting with PI-ML (11334OSI8), however, I need help ASAP.  I have ventured into using SQL Reporting Services in which it's nice, clean, and retrieves the data much quicker than Excel.


I'd like to be able to create a report where the operator can select via dropdown: 1.) the day, 2.) tour (so far we have 3 tours: 'Boiler Man', '1-Hour Compressor Man', and '4-Hour Compressor Man'), 3.) the time(s) of desired tour(s) (that occurred for the day selected), and lastly 4.) the Tag Group(s) (i.e. Boiler #1, Compressor #4, Ammonia Tank, etc).  The last option (4) is to breakdown a certain area of the tour for simplifying the report... Instead of pulling up all Compressors, the Operator just wants to know what was happening on Compressor #4 for said time/date.  Items to report are user who ran the tour (inputted the values), PI Tag Name, PI Tag Description, Value of tag, timestamp of tag, limit violation.


I've tried to write some queries but get stuck (new to all this)... First, can anyone help me out with reporting with PI Manual Logger??  I've asked help from tech support and they've offered a few queries as examples (document "Manual Logger SQL Querying.docx"), but don't think I'm going to get any further from the queries that have already been prefabricated.