Code requires AF Server login from one machine but not the other

Discussion created by seneschal on Nov 25, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2013 by David Hearn

Hi I am trying to diagnose an issue related to connecting to an AF Server (on Windows Server 2012) via code.  On my dev machine (Win 7) it works fine but when I compiled and tested on another box (Server 2008 R2) (connecting to the same AF Server) I get an error:


Service could not start: Cannot connect to server 'DAVEAFSERVER'.


It appears to me to be a credentials issue, because on that same test machine, every time I open PI System Explorer it asks for my AF credentials again.  Whereas my dev machine does not.


It fails on the 2nd line of this code fragment:



m_systems = new PISystems();
Defines.AFDatabase = m_systems.DefaultPISystem.Databases.DefaultDatabase;
Defines.PIServer = new PIServers().DefaultPIServer;

I am not an expert in setting up PI AF so it could be something easy (hopefully).  We use active directory, so when I log in to AF Server I have to use my MS credentials.   Is there some setting I need to adjust?  What other info could be relevant?