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    Tag DNP3 Value


      I need help on a tag.


      I have created a number tag that reads from a DNP3 interface.


      Some of these do not seem to work, that they have value in the word "Configure".


      Where could be the problem?


      The DNP3 address I have already checked and is correct


      Thanks a lot





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          Hello Marco,


          PI Interface for DNP 3.0 is not included with vCampus. Hence I believe the issue you are experiencing is with a production PI System. A Technical Support Engineer will be contacting you.

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              Hi Marco,


              My name is Fred Zhang and I'm a technical support engineer. I would like to create a case for your issue and provide assistance. Before doing so, can you provide me the name of your site where this PI system is? That will help me create a case for you and then we can get started.