Migrating from PISDK to AFSDK

Discussion created by bevanweiss on Nov 26, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by RJKSolutions

I’m currently trying to migrate an existing PISDK application over to use the AFSDK, after I noticed significant speed improvement with a smaller application that I had converted.


 However I’ve run into a couple of issues with the conversion.


1)      Our existing application uses the PISDK StateSets list to enumerate all the available DigitalStateSets which the user could assign to a particular PI point.  The AFSDK mentions that it’s possible to read the existing DigitalStateSet (via the PIPoint.GetStateSet) method, however states that the list of StateSets isn’t yet available.  Is there any existing workaround which still utilised the AFSDK?  And when is this functionality intended on being available from within the AFSDK itself?


2)      We have an Application GUID issued by OSIsoft for this application, and were using this to set the application Identifier on the PISDK object.  Moving to the AFSDK this doesn’t appear to be available anymore, and I can’t find an equivalent under the PIServers class.  I'm calling the PISystems.SetApplicationIdentity(GUID) method, however I was expecting (based on the PISDK stuff) an equivalent method within the OSIsoft.AF.PI namespace.




The first one is meaning that I can't provide all the functionality of the existing app in the AFSDK version at this stage.. so it'd be great if there was a reasonable solution for this.


Migration of the StateSets to AFEnumerationSets as a seperate process isn't very viable at this stage (since there are limitations, and they require additional work to synchronise).