PI Calculation Best Practice

Discussion created by DavidMFairchild on Nov 27, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by Roger Palmen

I am seeking the opinion of my fellow PI Administrators and OSI Professionals regarding choosing which PI Calculation technique to use under which circumstances.  With 13 years of PI Administrative experience I do have some opinions of my own.  But thought I would get yours.  I understand that this is a broad topic and not intended to address how to solve any problem.  Of the three calculating tools offered, PI-Performance Equations, PI-Totalizer, and PI-ACE what guidelines would you use for determining when to use each?


Additionally, with PI-ACE is it preferrable to use one large Module with many calculations or a separate module for each calculation?  (Assuming many contexts per calculation in either case.)


If there is already a good blog or discussion topic on this, please let me know.