UTF8 (chinese characters)

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I have a problem with Chinese character (UTF-8).


My need is to add values (English and Chinese UTF8  strings) to a string point. The strings to add come from a csv file.


I just read the values from the csv file (getline C++ command) and sent them to the PI server with no modification (pData->UpdateValue(value.c_str(), timestamp.c_str(), dmInsertDuplicates, NULL); ).


The values are added but when I want to see them in the process book, the Chinese characters are not correct (in the file : "报警出现" , in the processbook : "鎶ヨ鍑虹幇").


If I try with this code line "pData->UpdateValue("报警出现", timestamp.c_str(), dmInsertDuplicates, NULL);", the result is ok.


An idea ?




Thank you for your help




Cyril Faure