Requirements on Support Assembly for a Custom Data Reference

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We implemented a custom data reference for PI/AF. It is working fine, but we have a problem with the registering of a support assembly. The Custom Data Reference consist of 2 assembly's: an assembly implementing the Custom Data Reference interface and an assembly implementing the business logic. This last assembly is also used in other PI/AF implementations: a PI AF desktop application and a web-application. This is why it is a separate assembly.


The registering with RegPlugIn goes fine (log below). But unfortunately when starting PI Explorer and browse to the attributes using the Custom Date Reference this supporting library is not retrieved together with the Custom Data Reference. When manually putting this supporting library next to Custom Data Reference in C:\ProgramData\OSIsoft\AF\PlugIns then PI Explorer starts using it and the attributes based on the Custom Data Reference can be accessed.   This is fine for development purposes (allthough an upgrade on the development-machines using OleDB is a pain), this is not the way we want to go in production with this.


So my question is: what are the requirements on a Support Assembly for a Custom Data Reference? I failed to find any documentation on that., Should I generate an extra  GUID for it?  But what class should get this GUID? Maybe implement a dummy class that enherits from AFDataReference in the support library? ... . 


Thanks for any advice or pointers to documentation on this topic! If any extra information is needed on the setup I will be glad to share it.


We are using AF 2.5 .












-- log of registering the Custom Data Reference with the support Asssembly:


C:\Program Files (x86)\PIPC\AF>RegPlugIn.exe "c:\ForCDR" /Owner:"PDMSCustomRefer
PISystem (AF Server)'WIN2008R2-001', (88040712-4776-4bbd-94d0-6127a0a42c3a).


Processing directory 'c:\ForCDR\*.dll':
1 plugins registered in 'PDMSCustomReference.dll [NET4]'.
Found support assembly 'WellManagement.Data.dll [NET4]'.


Registered support assembly
for 'PDMSCustomReference.dll'
in directory 'ForCDR'.


C:\Program Files (x86)\PIPC\AF>