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    PI Graphics not updating SVGs (Showing Old SVGs) on Sharepoint Portal

    Paurav Joshi

      I am developing Sharepoint Portal right now but I am experiencing the strange problem here.


      I can see SVGs on Sharepoint Portal with my account credentials. Then if I update SVGs then I cannot see updated SVGs with my account  but if I see the same SVGs on same portal with my colleague's credentials, who hasn't opened portal before, than I can see updated SVGs on portal. Means according to problem, each time I have to look out for colleague's credential,  who hasn't opened portal before.


      I deleted the whole website and recreate one but the problem remains same. If I delete all the SVGs, still it is showing in my account on Sharepoint Portal. I thought there was some cache which stores the screens, but I couldn't figure it out .


      Hope somebody come with solution here or atleast some leads.