Is it possible to display another PI value on the trend in Processbook?

Discussion created by susan on Dec 16, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2013 by Asle Frantzen

There are 2 tags, P1.Number & P2.Variance. These 2 PI tags’ value will have the exactly time stamp:


 The value of P1.Number will be digest number from #1 to #8.


The value of P1.Variance will be the variance between Actual & Target, from -10 to 20 (any number)


For instance:


                                7:10AM                7:33AM                8:10AM                10:43AM              1:56 PM                3:02PM                 5:41PM                 6:60PM


P1.Number         6                              8                              1                              5                              3                              7                              6                              2


P1.Variance        12                           -7                            4                              10                           13                           -3                            9                              -10




The chart I want is: The green line will be the value of P1.Variance. the value of P1.Number will display at the value of P1.Variance.




Is it possible that we can do it in ActiveX Trend, XY plots or SQC Chart? Thanks!