ACE Manager loaded as failover, in Standby Mode

Discussion created by DaveWilson on Dec 30, 2013
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Ace manager was working fine but had a power outage, now no ACE modules will run.


Used pigetmsg to see what is happening and get the following line in the file;


I 30-Dec-13 10:39:08 PIACENetScheduler                                      (0)
 >> Error number: 10064


   Location: InitializeCalculations3


   Description: The ACE Executables are already run by the scheduler on computer PSDSRAT01, registering as a failover scheduler in standby mode.


There is only one instance running if you look in task manager, so I have removed  all using add/remove programs, and re-installed but get the same issue.


Has anyone seen this before, and is there a workaround. I suspect there is an entry in the registry soemwhere but unsure - any help gratefuly received.


 Ace manager version 1.2.50


Visual Studio version 2010  v10.0.30319


O.S. Windows Server 2003 R2  SP2