Search for event frames of element hierarchy

Discussion created by mhalhead Champion on Jan 4, 2014
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I need to pick the communities collective brains. I'm looking for an efficient method of searching for event frames down an element hierarchy.


What I have is an element hierarchy representing a site (S95 style). There are a number of event frames that get generated and reference specific assets in the hierarchy. What I would like with my app is that when a user selects an element from the hierarchy all the event frames reference by this element and it children are returned.


I've gone through all the search methods on AF 2.5 and the closest is the one that allows a string filter on the name. The problem is that this is filtering the name no the path which is what I would need.


The obvious solution would be to recurse down the element hierarchy and find all the event frames. My concerns is that this would be highly inefficient; for n elements in the hierarchy I would make n calls to AF.


On another note not directly related to this problem. It would be nice if you could categories the referenced elements. What I have in mind is that you could add a category to the referenced element in the event frame to denote the type of reference; for example this element is the reason for the downtime, this element is the equipment which failed, ...