Managing AF libraries across multiple databases

Discussion created by mhalhead Champion on Jan 14, 2014
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We have a number of AF servers (and therefore database) spread across the company. I need a good way of managing the template libraries across all these instances. The current method that we are using is clumpsy largely due to the tools available. 


The command line (or PSE) import option only do additions, i.e. new attribute will be added but attribute missing from the import won't be removed. I've also tried the AF libraries but they don't work any better, there is no link between the templates in AF and the library.


What I would like is to have a single version of the templates running across all our servers. There would be a single master; the other AF database would then be sync'ed to this (the templates must be an exact match) using either a semi manual process (I'm a coward so I would probably want to initiate the process and check afterwards) or automated. The trick is that the instances of the templates (e.g. the actual elements, event frames and notifications) cannot be deleted and recreated as this will break things like notifications and event frames. 


Any ideas from the community on how this can be achieved easily, I don't really want to write a large application to achieve this.