Using Pi Ace to pull XML data.

Discussion created by MichaelDay on Jan 17, 2014
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I am having some issues reading XML data into Pi ACE.


I can open a normal new Ace project and its like framework doesn't recognize Imports System.Xml therefore the XML reader doesn't work. I also can open a windows console project, Include System.Xml and the reader works but then framework doesn't recognize  Imports OSIsoft.PI.ACE  and ACE doesn't work. Any ideas?


There is an old  thread here about using ACE to bring in XML data but I have worked on that solution for sometime and can't get it to function for the reason above.


Is there a setting in Visual studio that has to be turned on (or downloaded) to read the System.XML?


I am unable to use the HTML or XML app that comes froms OSIsoft. My only option is Pi ACE. Any help would be appreciated!


Thanks, Michael