Need help to make sense event frame attribute - for max and Average

Discussion created by ChewCheeLim on Jan 28, 2014
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Hi There,


I need some help to understand the EF data. This is my 1st time setting a test EF in our development environment as a prototype. While checking the data generated by event frame, some event's data don't make sense to me.. Just need some help to understand why I am seeing these?


I had created a trigger tag if temperate >= 50 degree (I called it IsHot), I want an event to be generated to :-


1) To know how long this 'IsHot' event takes?


2) What's the Max temperature it reaches?


3) What's the average temperate ?


Hence, I had set up the following :-


A trigger Tag.






Then I set up Max and Average EF template Attribute:










And this is the result of the EF captured. The resulting data has values less than 50. How is this possible? Could someone help me to understand this? Or EF config I did was incorrect?




Many thanks!