Bug in retrieving relative timestamps (start/endtime) greater than *-7d from PI Trend

Discussion created by imuehlenhoff on Jan 29, 2014
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i have a .NET Addin which access PI Trends and saves start and end Time (same behavior with VBA). I access start and End Time via the properties of a trend symbol.


When the user selects a relative start time bigger than exactly *-7d i get back absolute timestamps. The processbook show the correct relative time in the define trend window




For example User sets Starttime: *-7d / Endtime *


myTrend.Start and Endtime are exactly what the user set




For example User sets Starttime: *-8d / Endtime *


myTrend.Start: "21.01.2014 10:19:12,212" and Endtime is: "29.01.2014 10:19:12,212"




The limit seems to be exactly 7 days, no matter if specified as days, minutes etc.


How this can be avoided? how can i get relative timestamps exactly like shown in the trend definition?