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Engineering Plan -- OSI Trend component with .NET Winforms

Discussion created by Pierre Ménard on Jan 29, 2014
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I wonder why an OSI Trend object is not available for .NET  Winforms applications.  I have a .NET Winform application to develop and do not want to be tied on doing a ProcessBook add-in only for using the Trend component.  I have searched for alternatives like TeeChart, ZedGraph, SyncFusion,  etc…  If it’s a license issue, I don’t mind to pay. As its stand I will have to pay anyhow for alternatives.  Why forcing to code in VBA in order to use Trend component?   Nothing serious comes out of VBA, not supporting Multilanguage, ActiveX on the downslope, portability, etc…  Not all developers intend to use Silverlight or Web applications.  Winform should also be considered for trending support, not only datagrids, text boxes, etc…, OSI provides rich libraries of AFSDK and PISDK, why limit its usage?


Thank you in letting me know the engineering plan related to OSI Trend components in .NET as I must  take a decision on the purchase of a third party chart package to fulfil my requirements.


Thank you