Need to Implement Process Book Graphics Security

Discussion created by karthickkumar.shashi on Jan 31, 2014
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We are in need to implement ProcessBook Page individual Graphics Page Security. Could you please suggest the best practices used. And also guide us how to capture the following error in ProcessBook VBA.




Our Objective is to restrict some ProcessBook from specific Users . For Example say there are 4 ProcessBook A,B,C & D all are linked to an Overview Graphics page. and say there are two User groups UA & UB.


Both User groups have access to the Overview Page , from where they can navigate to All PB Graphics.


We need to resirtict user group B from viewing Graphics C&D. So we group those graphics in a folder and remove read permissions for group UB via Folder Security options in Windows.


When one of the users in user group UB  is trying to navigate to the restricted Process Book graphics from the overview page, We is getting the following error msg from Process Book. “ Cannot Resolve Link to File”


I need to capture this error and instead pop up an appropriate error msg like” The Graphics you are trying to access is restricted.”


Can anyone guide me, How to capture this error in ProcessBook VBA.