Length of time AF attribute was specified value

Discussion created by matthew.rivett on Feb 4, 2014
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I can't find a better place to post a question about AF.  I'm hoping I can do this without use of the AF-SDK by using an AF attribute with a formula.


I know this has always been kind of tricky to do in PI.  I think you always have to specify a start and end time for your formula.  I need to know if an AF attribute is equal to 61488 and if it is I need to know how long it has been that value.  The next issue is that the value gets written to the archive every 1 second with our compression setup. Here is the pseudo code and the result would be time in seconds or some other unit.


if attribute = 61488 then


  now - first contiguous occurrence of 61488






end if


My guess is that this is probably something you'd want to use event frames for but I don't want to use them until Abacus/Configured Analytics are available (for a production environment) to create event frames for me.


Any ideas?