PI-SDKDlg.dll 64-bit issue

Discussion created by rbungubung on Feb 5, 2014
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We have an Excel add in (PI-SDK developed) that's been working nicely on a 32 bit Win7.  Some machines have PI-SDK 1.3.6 and a couple machines with SDK 1.4. 


When one of the machines with SDK 1.3.6 was upgraded to 64 bit, we've noticed some parts doesn't work - specifically anything to do with the PISDKDlg.dll.  I saw this thread (http://vcampus.osisoft.com/discussion_hall/development_with_osisoft_sdks/f/8/p/1918/9997.aspx) that seems like what I'm experiencing.  I've compiled the app to specifically target x86 platform to no avail. 


Is there anything else that I could try?


PS. We are currently running Excel 2007.