PI ODBC 2014 Community Technology Preview (CTP)

Discussion created by Gregor on Feb 7, 2014

PI ODBC 2014 is a new implementation of the ODBC standard to access PI Server data, compliant with the ODBC 3.8 API. PI ODBC offers much of the same functionality as the PI OLEDB Enterprise Provider, and is also backward compatible with the behavior of the classic PI OLEDB Provider.
Note that PI ODBC 1.x (an earlier ODBC implementation for the PI Server based on the ODBC 2.0 API) and PI ODBC 2014 are not compatible and one does not upgrade the other. Both PI ODBC versions can coexist and a side by side installation is possible.   
For technical assistance or to provide feedback to the beta software, please send an email to, or create a post in the vCampus PI SQL Data Access forum.
This CTP will be available until 31-May-2014.


The Release Notes document lists additional pre-requisites and system requirements. Please also consult the Administrator Guide for important information that will help you in preparing to install and use the PI ODBC Driver.


Edit: The bits can be found at vCampus Download Center, category "Pre-Release".