Best way of using the PI Event Frames Generator for multple events

Discussion created by rbendio on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by Dan Fishman

I have a question on best way of using the PI Event Frames Generator.  I would like to set up Event Frames for Transmission Line Outages.  I think the best way to set up the event is to create a calculated PI point with the Exdesc: "Event= Breaker1,'Breaker1' = "Trip" and 'Breaker2' = "Trip", etc.....  A line outage could be simple with only two breakers to be monitored or more complex with 8+ breakers to be monitored.  Because each line could have different numbers of breaker, I don't see how I could use a template.  On the PI Event Frame Generator side; will I have to list each Transmission outage separately in the Event Frames Structure on the EFConfig_Tree or can I set up an AF database and have the Generator watch all points within this database? I could be trying to monitor 2700+ line outage events so starting out correctly is crucial.  Is there a better way to set up and monitor the events?  Is there a class, video, or pdf that would help me set up this kind of event?