AF timestamps - UTC or local

Discussion created by richardmarcell on Feb 10, 2014
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I'm in the process of converting a bunch of PISDK based applications to AFSDK and have run into a couple of areas where it seems AF is converting things to UTC and I wanted to do a sanity check here. In one case, I'm making a call to AFCalculation.CalculateAtTimes with the expression "FindNE('V65311.Current-Status','06-Feb-2014 8:14:36','01-Nov-2013',"NO DATA")". The time stamp in the PI archive, as shown in SMT, is 12/31/2013 11:59:54 pm (snippet of output below)

  RUNNING 12/31/2013 11:59:54 PM False False False
  No Data 2/3/2014 10:30:12 AM False False False
  No Data 2/3/2014 11:21:33 AM False False False
  No Data 2/6/2014 8:14:36 AM False False False

but the value I get back from the call is


1/1/2014 5:59:54 AM.


Similarly, I have a call to PIPoint.RecordedValues(new AFTimeRange("12/1/2013 12:00:00 PM","12/1/2013 8:00:00 PM"),AFBoundaryType.Outside,...


yet the timestamp on the first value returned is 12/1/2013 6:00:00 AM and on the last value,  12/1/2013 2:00:00 PM.




In both cases, what time zone is the input being interpreted as and what time zone is the output being converted to (I'm in central time)?




Thanks to anyone who can add clarification.