Start pirecalc from ACE server

Discussion created by Aantje on Feb 12, 2014
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Hi everybody,




I have a little problem, which I'm not sure if I can solve it with PI-ACE.


First, we have dedicaded ACE servers (so PI-ACE is not running on the PI-Server). 


I want to do the following: I want to write an ACE module which checks if a calculation has run fine (this are PE tags on the PI server). If not, then I have to use pirecalc (on the PI Server)


So is possible to start the pirecalc bat file (on the PI Server ofcourse) from the ACE module? For example: I want to run pirecalc /exe="PITag, starttime, endtime", where PITag, starttime and endtime are being declared in the ACE Module?




If this doesn't work out, I can also rebuild the entire calculation in ACE. And I know there is an "undocumented" recalculation method in PI ACE (but we don't want to use that ofcourse  )