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    Acabus versus ACE




      We are on the verge of implementing a new system. We really like the new AF2014 and the possibilities of using Acabus. So we are not keen about starting to develop solutions in ACE, just to upgrade in a short time to AF2014. When will the 2014 Beta be "production ready" and would there be any risk to time series data (which are stored in a stable version of PI) by starting out with the AF 2014 Beta version.


      Also we want to "validate" som date using Abacus, ie. if the rate of change exceeds a certain limit, if the value goes above or under certain limits, etc. (most rather simple validations). As I see it Abacus would be ideal for this, but what about scaleability? If I want to validate several hundred thausands tags this way? Is that feasable? Or are there better ways to do this?









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          Asle Frantzen

          Hi Lars


          Beta will always be beta, but I've found the Abacus beta to be very stable and haven't really seen any major problems.


          For one of our clients we're running AF 2.5 in production, and 2.6 beta in test - where we spend the time until release to rewrite the old client-side calculations to AF Analyses.




          Anyways, it's not too long of a wait now. The roadmap says Q1 so I have high hopes for a release during the upcoming Users Conference.

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              We're keeping the current estimate of Q1 release, like Asle, I have high hopes :-).  The time series data stored in the PI data archive is "safe".  I don't know how else to describe it.  When Abacus writes the results to PI, it uses the AFSDK.  Once the data is written, it's stored just like another other PI tag.  In terms of scalability, we have users who are running several hundred thousand analyses and we are able to keep up.  Remember there are ways to optimize, minimize network hops, install the analysis service on a box with enough RAM and CPU.

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                  ACE vs Abacus (AF2014) for me is still a relevant question.  While Abacus will be scalable, it's not as flexible... for example to run additional calculation workflows or extend performance equation level functionality.


                  I'm hoping that AF2014 ships with some rugged plug-in dev tools to help extend Abacus.

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                      Abacus v1 does not have any plug-in dev tools to support custom analytics.  We're looking into various options to support custom analytics in future release(s).  We have not decided what we will do yet as we're still evaluating options.