Sub Second data via Random interface

Discussion created by rzandvliet on Feb 18, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2014 by ABurns

I have setup a random interface to generate data with a resolution of 250ms. When I look in PI SMT I can see that there are generated 4 values a second, but they are not containing sub-seconds (I have setup PI SMT to display sub-seconds). According to the documentation, it should be possible to generate and store sub-second data with the random interface.




Below the configuration string of the random interface.


"C:\Program Files\PIPC\Interfaces\Random\random.exe" 1 /NoGap=24h /PS=SPOC_RANDOM /ID=1 /host=<server>:5450 /dbuniint=1024 /maxstoptime=120 /PercentUp=100 /sio /perf=8 /f=0.250 /f=0.5 /f=1 /f=5 /f=30 


At the point configuration I have set location4 to 1, so it is using the first scan class (0.250)


Has somebody any idea what is going wrong?