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      I have made an interface using the PI SDK, visual studio (C++).


      It was working very well. But yesterday, I wanted to build again the interface and I have the following error message :


      "impossible to open the library file pisdkcommon.dll"


      Nothing has been modified in the code files.


      The "#import "pisdkcommon.dll" is no more recognized (???).


      I can see the file is present in D:\PIPC\PISDK.


      Thank you for your help !


      Cyril Faure

        • Re: pisdkcommon.dll

          Hello Cyril,


          Have you possibly updated PI SDK in your development environment? What library version is your Visual Studio project pointing to and what's the installed PI SDK version?


          To fix the issue, you may want to remove references to PISDK, PISDKCommon and possibly PITimeserver and add them again.