Synchronization between Oracle database and PI AF

Discussion created by nunoaguiar on Feb 24, 2014
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Hi everyone, 


My development team is facing an architectural decision and we would like your help. We must implement synchronization between an Oracle database and PI AF.


On the Oracle side we have a defined schema that holds information about the assets of the company in a hierarchical way. (This is fed by several sources including SAP.)


This is pretty much the type of information we want to have in PI AF, of course. We want to export all this information (stored in our own data model) from Oracle into PI AF, and then keep it synchronized over time.


So, as far I know, the only way to do that is to implement a routine (whether in a service or a scheduled/triggered task) that understands our data model and uses PI AF SDK to write into the PI AF. Is this really the only way to go?


We are wondering if there is any other easier way. Is there any other OSIsoft product that we can use to accomplish this task?


At first we thought about PI OLEDB Enterprise, but then right in the beginning of the manual we saw it has read-only access to the PI AF. We also thought about editing the PIFD database directly, but once it is not documented (as far as I know), I believe this is not a recommended approach. Am I wrong?




Felipe Aburaya (on behalf of Nuno Aguiar)