PI ACE Write to the same point in two separate calculations

Discussion created by mark.omeara on Feb 25, 2014
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I have two ACE calculations, one that calculates and accumulates a stockpile periodically (every 30 minutes) based on realtime production data. This works well.


I have another ACE calculation that allows that same stockpile value to be adjusted by a value entered into a Manual Entry PI Point. This is done on an ad hoc basis. This ACE calculation takes the adjustment value (say -10 tonnes) and alters the stockpile values by that amount from the date of the adjustment to the current time. This calculation also works well.


My concern is that there is a possibility that the adjustment ACE may run coincidentally at the same time as the periodic stockpile accumulation ACE, which might potentially cause issues.


Is there a way of setting a Mutex or similar signalling between ACE calculations? Is there something tricky that can be done in the ACE Scheduler,  like 'only run calc B if calc A isn't running' ? Any other suggestions?


I have considered combining the calculations into one, however it will get messy in other ways - however if that is the only way...