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    [-10758] Failed to create remote connection.


      I am attempting to connect to my AF Server using the following code



                      NetworkCredential piCredentials = new NetworkCredential("MyUser", "MyPass");
      //                NetworkCredential piCredentials = new NetworkCredential("MyUser", "MyPass", "MyDomain");
                      catch (Exception ex)



      Unfortunately it fails using the error: "[-10758] Failed to create remote connection."


      If I use the same credentials to access the server via PI SQL Commander, it works correctly. Did I miss a step in my connection?

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          Marcos Vainer Loeff

          Hello Wegner,


          I need to ask you some questions:


          •     Is your client computer and the PI Server on the same domain?


          •     If you try the second option (whose line is commented), would it work?


          •     Did you create a mapping with sufficient permission to access the PI Server for the domain account MyUser?


          •     What is the version of your PI Server? I guess you are using PI AF SDK 2012 SP2, is that correct?


          •     If you open PI SDK on the computer you are running your application, are you able to connect to the PI Server? The best way is to test logged on using “MyUser" account.


          •     If you try to run your application again, do you find any error on the PI Server checking the PI Message Log?