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Discussion created by flost Champion on Feb 28, 2014
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Hi all,




I´v read the information aboput the AAG. It sounds good and I have several Ideas to use the data. But I´m wondering about the warning about heavy resource consumption. I´m not shure if this statement is there since servers were much less powerfull then nowadays or if it is still a problem.


My current productive PI Server has 40 CPU´s (well, 20 cores plus Hyperthreading) and 32 GB of RAM all on bare metal, no VM. I just let the AAG run just to check if there is an rais in ressource consumption but I can´t see anything. Ok, I started with a few minutes but now I have it run for about two hours and I can´t see anything (still 1-5% CPU Usage and 7.10 GB RAM used).


Has enyone of you experience with AAG if it runs for an longer timerange?


If there are no significant ressource needs it would be great to have extensive statistical data of the usage of my PI Points. I´m thinking about award an Tag of the month an Application of the month span="" id="mce_marker" data-mce-type="bookmark">