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Problem collecting large amount of events (parallel)

Discussion created by Asle Frantzen Champion on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by Gregor

I've followed the example from this webinar:


and use the Parallel.ForEach to get data from a PIPointList (just specified PI tags for now, no AF lookup)




The problem is that the tag is rather high resolution, and I can't get more than 206 days (appr. 15.7 million events) for one tag before I get this error:


[-10746] PINET: Attempt to send or receive message larger than maximum allowable




Can anyone explain where the bottleneck is? We've already set the ArcMaxCollect to 500 million events, and the PI Server is running on pretty impressive, new hardware.




I'm doing a performance test, where I need to collect 5 years of events for 9 tags. Each tag has 20-30 mill. events per year, so the plan is to run each tag's event collecting in separate threads. But right now I can't even collect 7 months of data before I'm stopped.