Explaination error status on tag's value

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Hello, can anyone confirm the field already filled and suggest me how complete the table below?



Error Status Description
AccessDenied Access Denied status events are written whenever the interface is denied access to a tag’s data or attribute information.
Bad Data  
Bad Quality  
Comm Fail  
DCS failed  
Equip Fail  
I/O Timeout Interfaces use this state to indicate that communication with a remote device has failed.
Intf Shut Intf Shut status events are enabled through /stopstat startup parameter. When enabled an event is written when the interface is stopped and again on startup. These events tell users no data is being collected because the interface is not running.  
Invalid Data  
No Data Data-retrieval functions use this state for time periods where no archive values for a tag can exist 10 minutes into the future or before the oldest mounted archive
Not Connect  
Out of Serv  
Pt Created This state is assigned to a tag when it is created. This is a tag's value before any value is entered into the system.
Scan Off If any PI point is removed from the interface while the interface is running (including setting the scan attribute to 0), SCAN OFF will be written to the PI point regardless of the value of the Scan attribute
Scan Timeout  
Shutdown All tags that are configured to receive shutdown events are set to this state on system shutdown.
Unit Down  

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