Storage Tank Increases

Discussion created by Darren.Metcalfe on Mar 6, 2014
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I have a requirement to display increase in stock levels of chemicals at plants my company maintains.  I have various ideas but wanted to check  with the community to see if there are more, which I'm sure there are!


Basically at regular intervals throughout the month we have a delivery of chemicals and the trend which I am displaying in Processbook obviously spikes up at a very quick rate. I'd like to record this spike so that I can either present the data somehow in the very same PDI or utilise datalink to show the data. It's imperative that the date and the increase in stock level are recorded  ( ie before delivery tank level = 10 tonnes, after delivery tank level = 40 tonnes, delivery = 30 tonnes). This function is required so that we have instantanous visibility of deliveries and so that we have confidence in that we are paying for the correct amount of chemical delivered. I've looked into Performance Equations which use the range function and also tried a PE using prevent with mixed results. I would like to know if anybody else has utilised a similar process.


Many Thanks in advance.