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    PIEMDVB interface (DeltaV Batch) + HA




      Does PIEMDVB interface (deltaV batch interface) support writing to collective ?


      I can't find any explicit information in the official documentation about it.




      It should write to batch database but  HA doesn't replicate batch information. Is that right?


      Is anyone using this interface with a HA architecture? Any suggestion?













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          vCampus products cannot support the production interface actually.  I suggest that please go to OSIsoft Techsupport team to deal with this kind of issue.


          Xi Wang


          vCampus team

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              Batch data is limited to being sent to the primary. The main reason for this is that PI Batch Database identifies objects using a unique GUID. Each PI Server randomly assigns a unique GUID to the batch object, so each member of the collective will generate a different GUID.  


              However, Event Frames will support HA. Event Frames are implemented through PI AF, so an HA implementation of Event Frames will require an HA PI AF architecture.


              For more information about the current Batch Roadmap, and the planned transition to EF, please have a look at this posting by Todd Brown, the Product Manager for PI Batch on our community site