AFAttributeList.GetValue(AFTimeRange) Question

Discussion created by schutcw on Mar 13, 2014
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I have a quick question about the the GetValue(AFTimeRange) method in the AFAttributeList class. The method returns an AFValues object, one AFValue for each AFAttribute in the list. My question is what does this AFValue represent? The documentation says it returns:


"the value of each AFAttribute in this list. The index or order of each value in the returned collection corresponds to the index or order of the attributes in this list."


I am a bit confused what the "value" of each AFAttribute represents. Is it max, min, avg?  If it is the current value, why would I supply an AFTimeRange?


My goal is to get all the compressed values for about 250 attributes within the past 2 days. I wanted to use the GetValues method of a list for efficiency.


Thanks in advance for your comments.